Template / XPath 3.0 / XQuery 3.0 / CSS 3 Selector / JSONiq Online Tester

(You can find the documentation below)

HTML/XML-Input file:
Template XPath 3.0 2.0 XQuery 3.0 1 CSS 3.0 selectors Autodetect

disable auto refresh disable syntax highlighting
Output Options: Node format:: Output format:: Show types Hide variable names
Compatibility: Disable extended strings (e.g. x"{$varname}") Disable JSONiq (e.g. {"a": 1}("a")) Disable JSONiq literals (true,false,null) Only JSON types in objects (e.g. {"a": null} != {"a": ()})    Allow dot notation (e.g. {"a": 1}.a): : Strict type checking Strict namespaces case sensitive

Result of the above expression applied to the above HTML file:

, result-only

What is this about?

Here you can test HTML templates, CSS 3 selectors, standard XPath 2.0 / 3.0 / XQuery 1.0 / 3.0 and JSONiq expressions.
It is an example for my Pascal Internet Tools library written for VideLibri and implementing these queries.

You can find more details in the corresponding unit documentation:
    Documentation of the XQuery / XPath / CSS 3 selector implementation.
    Documentation of the template syntax.

Other related links:
    Internet Tools library, the library page.
    XQuery Test Suite Results.
    Xidel command line tool, a litte tool using this library for web page downloading / scraping.
    Source repository.
    Github mirror (Xidel excluding library).
    Bitbucket mirror (Xidel excluding library).